SHAHI TUKDA :No 1savoury &mesmerizing dessert recipe

Enhancing Your Shahi Tukda Experience:

An gastronomic expedition With the delicious Shahi Tukda, you can indulge in the regal world of Indian desserts. This dish skillfully blends rich flavors with a hint of royal elegance. This well-liked dessert has a long and intriguing history, and its flavor has endured.

genesis and chroniclesShahi Tukda, literally meaning “royal piece,” has its origins firmly ingrained in Indian Mughlai cuisine. According to legend, the Mughal emperors’ royal kitchens are credited with creating this dessert, which demonstrates their love of decadence and culinary skill. Over the ages, the dish has changed to reflect different regional influences while still maintaining its core as a representation of luxury.

The State of the Art Display Its magnificent presentation is what distinguishes Shahi Tukda. Bread slices that have been deep-fried and dipped in a rich sugar syrup with saffron are the usual ingredients of the dish. The accompanying rabri, or thickened sweetened milk, has a creamy texture that contrasts delightfully with the bread, which is typically toasted to a golden brown. Shahi Tukda is aesthetically pleasing and delicious, especially when adorned with slivered almonds, pistachios, and edible silver leaf.

How to Make the Ideal Shahi Tukda: To make this regal dessert at home, you need to balance the flavours and textures just right. First, choose fresh bread that is slightly thick, cut it into the desired shapes, and deep fry it until golden brown. To give the fried bread a lovely yellow hue and a hint of sweetness, make a fragrant sugar syrup that has been infused with saffron threads.

One of the main ingredients of Shahi Tukda, rabri, is made by simmering milk until it becomes thick and rich. This delicious mixture, which is flavored with cardamom and sweetened with sugar, gives the dessert a velvety layer. To assemble the dish, spread heaping spoonful of rabri over the soaked bread, resulting in a mouthwatering harmony of flavors and textures.

Adaptations and Novelties Dessert aficionados have a soft spot for the classic recipe, but over time, inventive variations have appeared. While some culinary artists experiment with flavored syrups, others offer contemporary twists like fruit compotes or chocolate drizzles. While satisfying changing tastes, these innovations pay homage to Shahi Tukda’s timeless appeal. Advice for the Ideal Experience with Shahi Tukda

Use these professional pointers to enhance your Shahi Tukda creation.

Choice of Bread: Choose freshly baked bread that is slightly thick to guarantee the ideal ratio of crispness to absorbency. Brioche or milk bread is very effective.

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Saffron Infusion: For a deeper flavor and brighter color, steep saffron threads in warm milk before adding them to the sugar syrup.

Rabri Expertise: When making rabri, patience is essential. Stirring constantly, simmer the milk over low heat until it thickens to a velvety consistency. Its aromatic profile can be improved by adding a small pinch of nutmeg.

Elegant Garnishing: In addition to adding visual appeal, the garnish adds texture. For an elegant touch, try experimenting with different nuts, such as cashews or even dried rose petals.

Temperature Is Important: Serving Shahi Tukda slightly warm will yield the best flavor. This enables the flavors to symphonize harmoniously on your palate, enhancing their flavor.

Individual Touch: Do not hesitate to add your unique touch to the dish. Adding a special touch, like a drizzle of honey or a dusting of cinnamon, can make your Shahi Tukda genuinely unique. You can become an expert at making Shahi Tukda that not only honors custom but also demonstrates your culinary skill by following these tips. Step on board this gastronomic adventure now and enjoy the royal treat that is Shahi Tukda.


6 slices of bread1 cup ghee (clarified butter)

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

A pinch of saffron strands

1 cup full-fat milk1/2 cup condensed milk

1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder Chopped nuts (almonds, pistachios)

for garnish Edible silver leaf (optional)


To make sugar syrup, put sugar and water in a saucepan. Heat it until it becomes a boiling sugar syrup. For color and fragrance, add saffron strands to the syrup. Reduce the heat and simmer until the mixture becomes somewhat sticky. Put aside. Slice the bread into the desired shapes before frying it. Toast the bread slices in hot ghee until they turn golden brown on both sides. Remove extra ghee.

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To make Rabri, put milk in a pan and heat it until it boils. After adding cardamom powder and condensed milk, simmer until the mixture thickens to the consistency of rabri. Stir from time to time.


Put Shahi Tukda together: Make sure the fried bread slices are well soaked but not overly moist by dipping them into the prepared sugar syrup. Place the slices of soaked bread on a serving platter. Make sure that every slice of bread is well coated by pouring the thickened rabri over it.

Garnish: To improve adherence, gently press chopped nuts into the rabri as a garnish. Use edible silver leaf as a decorative option to add a classic touch.Serve: Shahi Tukda should be served warm to allow the flavours to mingle.Savour the opulent and majestic Shahi Tukda, an authentic masterwork among Indian desserts!

shahi tudka
Shahi tukra/tukda or Double ka meetha is a bread pudding Indian sweet of fried bread slices soaked in rabid or sweet saffron milk garnished with dry fruits

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